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How to Order a Chuter System

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1. Determine the number and size of chutes needed. Allow for desired overhang and required length under the die.
a. Length: _________
b. Width/Inside Dimension: __________
c. Quantity: _________
d. Figure the total square inches for the system based on the three factors above: ________
2. Select the Transporter model which best fills your needs using the formula shown here and on the order form:
TP-10 500 Sq. In. Max. Total of Chute surface area
TP-40 1500 Sq. In. Max. Total of Chute surface area
TP-70 3000 Sq. In. Max. Total of Chute surface area
TP-140 5000 Sq. In. Max. Total of Chute surface area
3. Select the appropriate mounting bracket. OPTIONAL, however you will have four to five hours of fabrication time including hole alignment and drilling if you build your own. Ours is only $199.00 USD. (Huge Time Saver- Makes 60 Minute Installation Possible).
4. Assembly Kit - This is the heart of The Chuter System's innovative design. Order according to Transporter selected. (Carriage bolt in miniature "T" slot of crossbar does the trick).
5. Chutes - The embossed 304 Stainless Steel (22 gauge) material we use increases product flow up to five times better than flat steel. Also breaks "wet stick with oily parts." We build any length, width, sidewall configuration (1" is standard and recommended), and special configurations such as angles or doglegs. Customer can easily add baffles for singulation or diverters.
6. Entire systems including chutes generally ship within one week and often less.
7. Call Us Today To Get Something Movin' and Shakin'! 1-800-276-5467


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