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The Chuter: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it tough enough?

Absolutely! Systems have been in continual use since their introduction in 1995.

2. Is the Transporter reliable?

Yes! Longevity and performance are enhanced if air pressure is kept below 60 psi and if clean, lubricated air is supplied.

3. What about service?

There is service available through Productivity Resources and P/A Industries. We have a core exchange program available. Ask for details.

4. Will it help or hinder our QDC efforts?

It definitely helps! Chutes are changed or removed in seconds. Some stampers leave the chutes with each die. Other customers use an "A" frame rack with trays neatly stored by die number.

5. You claim it is amazingly cost effective. How do you figure?

Check our typical system pricing page for details. Imagine supplying a belt conveyor for each parallel at the costs shown.

6. Do you have local representation in my area?

Chances are we do. Call 800-276-5467 to discuss.

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